Lavender salty sugary body/face scrub

Having a dry skin, I have achieved great results from exfoliations. Epsom salt is well known for its effectiveness against acne. After I got my first ever epsom salts from Aroma-zone (my favourite supplier) I have been mixing it with a little sugar and honey and applying it on my face. It has been great on my dry and acne-prone skin. I thought why not to make a full fledged scrub with beautiful lavender flowers !

Lavender salty sugary body scrub



  • Two parts epsom salt
  • Two part sea salt
  • Two part sugar (brown preferred, but I used the normal white sugar)
  • One part lavender flowers
  • Olive oil, two table spoons
  • Essential oil of your choice – I used lavender and peppermint, 8 drops each.


Grind epsom salt and lavender together using mortar and pestle. After this,  mix the rest of the dry ingredients using a spatula. Finally,  add extra virgin olive oil and  essential oils. Your scrub is ready !

Why these ingredients

Dead sea salt is rich in various minerals, especially magnesium.  Studies have shown the effectiveness of bathing in dead sea salts ( see an article here). Since not everyone can go to soak in the dead see, we might as well take advantage of the salts in our scrubs.

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is amazing to the skin. Not only does it exfoliate, but also it leaves the skin feeling radiant. Oh and it is very effective against acne.

Lavender and peppermint essential oils are amazing on skin, so I preferred them over other essential oils I had.

How to use it:

The scrub contains dry ingredients (sugar, salts and lavender flowers) with extra virgin olive oil and therefor it is tricky to apply it directly. I could also have added honey to get it stick to the skin and also to rip all its beneficial properties – but I wanted to keep it free of wet ingredients to extend its shelf life.

I take a portion of it out on a bowl and add a little honey to the mixture. Honey, apart from its beautiful properties would also help the dry ingredients stick together and make the entire mix easily applicable.


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